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It’s down to honesty.

Letting our clients tell the story of Down to Earth Development

It would be easy for us to outline some of the work we’ve done for our clients. But there’s little value in only hearing our perspective. So we’ve asked our clients to tell their side of the story – offering their thoughts on what we offer and how we work.

“Her quick wit and likeability go hand in hand with intelligence and experience. There’s not much she hasn't done. Behind that down to earth persona, there’s a very smart cookie. What’s not to like?”

NHS Leadership Academy

Being part of the Academy’s faculty offered the opportunity to play a role in supporting hundreds of NHS leaders grappling with the challenges of leadership in an organisation with a vast impact, socially and politically. Whether on the Directors’ Programme or the award-winning Nye Bevan Aspiring Directors’ programme, every leader I worked with engaged wholeheartedly, stepping up to the plate to lead in the best way they can.

“…she’s completely authentic, totally honest and unafraid to share her view, even when it’s at odds with yours. That’s exactly what I need and look for. I’d use her again in a heartbeat.”

Diageo Women’s Virtual Leadership Programme

Working on a development programme without the face-to-face engagement is far from a typical project for Down to Earth. Yet this Virtual Leadership Programme was an opportunity to take an active role in the equality and diversity agenda, supporting the development of more than 700 women within one of the world’s leading drinks brands.

“…it’s not just the depth of knowledge that makes the difference. She also really gets people – with the insight to connect and bring them through the process.”

BBC Worldwide Global Leadership Development

Working with a large group of senior managers around the world to turn them into better leaders is one thing. Fostering a sense of community in that group is quite another. Designing and delivering a programme with BBC Worldwide, we laid the groundwork for willing collaboration, open communication and even friendship and trust.


BBC Worldwide
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